Community Centers

The centers are owned and operated by the West Baton Rouge Parish Council Parks and Recreation Department. Bookings/Rentals for the Addis, Addis VFW, Port Allen and the new Williams and Lee Centers are handled at the Parks and Recreation Office.


Only West Baton Rouge Parish residents are allowed to book or rent any of the centers. Our books open every year on the first Mondays in April and October. April’s book opening allows reservations for July through December of the current year, while October’s book opening allows reservations for January through June of the following year. Dates may only be reserved if the book has been open for that half of the year. Weddings are the only exception to this rule.


Weddings may be reserved one year to the date of the function. To book a wedding at any of West Baton Rouge Parish Centers, you must be a parish resident.  To book a wedding a year in advance, the person doing the booking must be the bride and/or the groom, or the parents/grandparents of either the bride or the groom.  No other person is allowed to book the center for a wedding unless the books are open for that part of the year.  

Booking Prices for Centers

  • Weekend Fees:  Booking Fee: $250.00 due at the time of booking; Deposit Fee: $250.00 due 3 weeks before the date of the booked function.
  • Weekday Fees:  Booking Fee: $125.00; Deposit Fee: 250.00
  • Weddings booked in advance before the book opening:
    Booking and Deposit Fees: $500.00 due at the time of rental.
  • Forms of Payment: Checks, Money Orders or Credit Card (3% convenience fee) only- NO CASH.

Hours for Bookings: 

  • Center hours are 8:00 A.M.- 2:00 A.M.
  • Function must end at 1:00 A.M.
  • Additional hour til 2:00 A.M. to take all belongings out of the building
  • Bookings are for the whole day, no partial hours

Booking Prices for Pavilions

  • Booking Fee: $75
  • Deposit Fee: $100