Are the chemicals you use hazardous to humans, pets, and plants?

No, not when applied in a correct manner. The pesticide products we use here at WBR Mosquito Control are licensed and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality for the control of insect pests. Our staff is licensed and trained to correctly handle and apply these products in an efficient and proper manner. Additionally, detailed records of pesticide applications are kept and archived. Some of the products we use, however, can be harmful to some species of fish such as koi and goldfish if applied in proximity to them. For more information contact our department at 225-214-5900 and ask to speak with our Mosquito Control Superintendent George Bragg or our Mosquito Control Supervisor Michael Joseph.

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1. Are the chemicals you use hazardous to humans, pets, and plants?
2. One of your trucks just drove by with the lights on but with no spray coming from the truck. Was he supposed to be spraying?
3. I have a large canal or ditch near my home.Is this the source of my mosquito problems?
4. There is standing water on my property, can it be breeding mosquitoes?
5. Will you spray my private driveway?