Guided Group Tours

Please Note: The West Baton Rouge Museum is currently closed to large tour groups. Family groups are welcome. No tactile interactives or handouts are available at this time. 

Here are some general guidelines we follow when we have guided group tours. Although we are not allowing large guided groups at this time, having this information may be helpful for future plans. Please check back later for information on when guided group tours will be available again.

  • Tours are available for all age groups. 

  • Customize your tour by selecting from a variety of themes & topics or hands-on activities.

  • All tours are guided tours.

  • Tour length can vary in time according to your scheduling needs. Typically tours run between one hour and two hours.

  • Group size can range from 5 to 125 visitors.

  • We ask that group leaders schedule their tours at least three weeks in advance.

  • School groups and youth groups must be adequately chaperoned.

  • Be aware that all participants, chaperones and teachers are required to pay admissions’ fees.

  • The museum has a special gift shop program just for kids, which offers items priced at $1, $2 and $3 only. Tax is included. Please ask about the Kids Cart program for your students and children.