Permits for Commercial / Industrial Construction

  • General Information Form Completed (May be obtained from the OCPD and submitted with the following items, if applicable):
    • Address of Property (Obtained from the WBR Parish 9-1-1 Office)
    • Compliance with Zoning Requirements
    • Compliance with Subdivision Restrictions
    • Approval of Sewer System (Obtained from the WBR Parish Sanitarian, Phone 225-342-2650 or the WBR Parish Utilities Department, Phone 225-336-2406, if public sewer is available)
    • WBR Contractor Registration (Obtained from the OCPD - This includes all General, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors)
    • Plat of Property (Approved with signatures from the WBR Parish President and the WBR Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman)
    • Letter from Landowner on Leased Property, Stating Approval of Any Alterations or Renovations
    • Compliance with Fire Hydrant Requirements for Commercial/ Industrial Structures (Section 5 ½-1 - Ordinance Number 6-98):
      • Future commercial/industrial structures ten thousand (10,000) square feet or larger total shall require a double barrel fire hydrant, if water lines of not less than six inches available, within three hundred (300) feet of the proposed building. Location of the hydrants will be specified by the authority having jurisdiction.
        1. Any building that proposes an addition that will cause its total area to exceed the aforementioned requirements shall comply fully with this section.
        2. If a fire hydrant is not presently existing, and/or only water lines of less than six inches available, a fee of one thousand eight hundred dollars ($1,800) must be paid by applicant at the time of obtaining the building permit. Fire hydrants to be installed by the parish.
    • Engineer's Elevation Certificate (On property located in Special Flood Hazard Area - the Flood Zone Designation may be obtained from the OCPD)
    • Construction Plans (To be submitted for review and retained by the OCPD)
    • Site Plan Review (Form received from the OCPD and reviewed by the WBR Parish Planning and Zoning Commission)
    • Architect/Engineer Letter of Design Certification
    • Load and Stress Sheets
    • Letter from Owner Stating Usage
    • Letter of Approval from the State Fire Marshall

Additions or Renovations to Existing Commercial/Industrial Structures Also Require a Building Permit

  • Initial Application Requirements: (Procedure is the same as for New Construction, requiring applicable documentation)
  • Initial Requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) Approval
  • State Fire Marshall Approval
  • Local Fire Department Approval
  • Inspection from the OCPD