Land Plan 2020 Phase II Development Advisory

Land Planning Process

The planning process involves looking at current land use patterns, subdivision regulations, zoning codes, demographic facts and economic conditions of the Parish. Once that is studied, the planning teams will begin looking at specific areas of the parish in order to suggest ways that the Parish can be developed in the future. The final land use plan will be very important for the Parish, and it should have the "force of law.” However, it will not be a plan that will be "set in stone.” The final plan will be flexible enough to grow and change as the parish grows and changes.

Phase II of LandPlan 2020 is now underway!

Development Advisory Committee

A Development Advisory Committee (DAC) has been formed to:

  1. Create a space for on-going dialog between the development community and the Parish officials
  2. Discuss the latest development topics and trends (including real estate trends)
  3. Help steer the Land Plan 2020 document (Agendas and minutes from these meetings will be posted here as they become available)